More To Love About Tubular Telescopes

Before Tubular Telescopes, I was just a girl who had a great love for animals. I’ve had many animals throughout my life, from regular household pets such as cats and dogs to more exotic pets such as hedgehogs and bearded dragons. I would be lost without my animals and I couldn’t imagine life without having them. It seemed right for me to include them in this site because much like butterfly telescope goldfish, they are what makes this page and my life great. So enjoy as I introduce all of my fur babies and give you a little information about them..

P.S.- there are quite a few

First is Gunner:


Gunner came to me when I was single and in a very lonely place in my life. I had moved out for the first time ever by myself and it was hard. I ended up going into the want ad digest site one day because I really wanted a new baby. I came across his picture and I absolutely fell for him. He was funny looking, but in an adorable, charming type of way. I picked him up and for a while before I met my fiance it was just me and him. We grew inseparable, we did everything together and he was my partner in crime as well as my best friend. When I met my fiance and started to have him come around to my house, Gunner was not very open to him-not in a mean-aggressive way, but more of a “I’m the king of this house and i’m the most important thing in her life” kind of way. It took a very long time for him to warm up to Scott but he finally accepted that Scott wasn’t going anywhere. They often cuddle all the time, but they still have their mutual respect that they both love me lol. Gunner was born on March 17th-a St. Patrick’s Day baby! He is going to be four this up coming year but he still hangs with the best of them. He mostly enjoys following me everywhere and going on long walks/chewing toys, bones and tree stumps.

The next girl up is Lola:


Lola came into our lives when Gunner was about a year old. I wanted another Boston Terrier and I knew I wanted a female. I found an ad for 10 Boston puppies in the want ad digest, and I immediately emailed the guy. He said I was the first person to inquire about them and that I would be able to have first pick of the litter, I was thrilled. So that weekend my fiance and I went to his house and there before us were 10 chubby black and white Boston terriers. It was SO hard to choose just 1, but I sat with them for a while and ended up picking one that was not Lola. I remember being stuck between two females and I called the guy back later that night and asked if i could take Lola home instead, in which he was happy to switch them out. I often think about that and what would of happened if I never chose Lola. She’s such a sweet loving and sassy girl who loves to cuddle, but also to play rough with the boys. Fun fact, it took us almost two weeks to pick a name for her! We were stuck between a couple names we liked and we just couldn’t choose so we ended up writing them on pieces of paper and picking them out of a hat. And that’s how Lola came to be! I think it fits her though.. Lola will be 3 on February 14th-I know! Another holiday baby. Our little Valentines baby melted her way into our hearts like chocolate. Her favorite things include cuddles on the couch or bed, swimming and chasing balls or sticks.

Then we have Midna:


I’ve had Midna since I was living home with my parents! I got her in 2009, and she’s been with me from the beginning. She’s the OG of the pack and she has moved from apartment to apartment to back home and then out again. She’s 8 now, but that doesn’t slow her down. She’s very playful still, almost kitten like and all of the other animals in the house respect her, I think they know she’s been here from the beginning and isn’t going anywhere lol. Midna is a calico tortoise shell, she’s gorgeous and she really enjoys jumping up on the bed while i’m trying to make it and running under the covers, and also putting Burt in his place lol. I’m not sure when she was born, I picked her up when I went to an outside flea market. Someone had a box of barn kittens that were only several weeks old they were giving away for free and I had to get her. She was covered with fleas so I gave her multiple baths and treated her with flea medication. Other than that she was a super healthy loving kitty.



My fiance and I rescued Burt from the humane society. We were looking for another cat and decided it would be best to adopt from the shelter. I was open minded to whatever caught my attention, whether that be an older cat, or a kitten. We arrived and went to the cat section of the shelter and there were so many cats it was overwhelming. I stopped by everyone’s cage, we made our rounds through each part of the room. We were searching for something but wanted it to feel right. We walked by this large pen area with two black and white cats. I wasn’t paying attention and all of a sudden I felt something playfully swipe at me as I passed, almost as if he was hitting me playfully. I looked down and there was this 6 month old kitten that looked like a little cow staring back at us. From that point we knew we were taking him home, we browsed around still but kept coming back to him.  I asked one of the shelter volunteers if we could go in and see him and he was actually a little scared at first but he warmed up to us after a minute or so. I asked her what his name was and after taking a scan of his micro chip she told me “Burt” I loved that name. We took him home that day and since then he has become a big part of our family. Midna is very sweet, but she’s not a huge cuddler..Only when she really wants it which is only once in a while. As soon as Burt sees you going to lie down in bed he comes running in the bedroom and lays on top of your chest facing you and purring loudly. I’ve never seen a cat with so much character before. He is so comical! He likes to lay in the hallway and when you walk down he gets up and books it in front of you, he also does this randomly throughout the day too. I’m not sure his birthday since he was an animal shelter cat, but he’s about 2 now. One of his favorite things to do is eat..ALL DAY. On a serous note though I am so glad we went with adoption through the humane society, we felt really good about it knowing we were giving an animal a loving home and helping play our part. He ended up turning out to be an amazing kitty.



Sophia is a cockatiel that came to us through my dad who had a friend that was looking to rehome her. She was his son’s bird, but he no longer had the time to care for her. My dad had asked and I told him I wasn’t sure I wanted to take on anymore animals that moment. He said if I didn’t want her he would bring her to the bird sanctuary that my dad usually goes to drop off pigeons…yes, I said pigeons. My fiance Scott was actually the one who pushed to get her, I was hesitant but I agreed because he really wanted to take her in, so we adopted her. My dad gave us a cage and a stand that he had lying around and we put her in our kitchen. Scott went out and bought her a bunch of treats and toys and it turns out that she is not a big fan of him, or men in general. He still tries to spend time with her when she allows it, but he usually has to have some sort of treat like a cracker to coax her into wanting to be around him. Since having her, I put her in my spare bedroom (temporary fish holding room) and upgraded her smaller cage to a big two story ferret nation cage. I tried to get another cockatiel for her to have some company because birds can get lonely by themselves, but she actually does not like other all. So we re-homed the other bird and she is happily living by herself in my room. She really likes me a lot and if I have her out of her cage while I’m in my room she will fly off of it and land on me. She also likes when I pet her head for her. When we took her in, her previous owner said she was 14 years old. So she’s my little fish room mascot for now until we eventually buy a house hopefully next year and I can give her more space.

So this would normally be the end of my furry pet list, BUT..

Scott and I adopted another dog this past weekend. It’s a funny story, I was browsing through the humane society’s website -which I normally do to look at all the babies and I came across her picture. She was so adorable! She was a cream colored little girl, who looked to be mixed with a few things..Her picture didn’t give much in the way of her size and I initially thought she was some kind of chihuahua mix. Even the description under her photo said the staff wasn’t sure what her breed was. That day I went straight over after work because I knew she wasn’t going to be there long. When I walked in I went to the dog section and passed the cages looking for her (with of course stopping to say hi to every dog in there). A lot of the dogs that were in there were pit bulls or some kind of large dog breed and although I would of loved to give a nice pit a home because I know they are always pushed into shelters, I got to her cage and I immediately knew I had to get her out of there. She was the most timid one in there, her whole body was shaking and she seemed really scared and alone. The name on the paper work on her pen said Cleopatra, which I wasn’t crazy about.. Either way I went to the front desk and asked to see her. When the volunteer brought her to a separate room with me she became a different dog. She perked up and was playful and she has this walk that looks like she’s prancing around. She came over and leaned on me and really wanted to be pet. She was actually taller than I thought she was! She’s about up to my knees and she has really long legs and a long skinny tail. In person she looks like she’s mixed with Italian greyhound, Jack Russell terrier and maybe chihuahua. I told the lady that I wanted to take her home and she said that my fiance would have to come in to meet her before I could take her. So on Saturday we went down and he met her and he also fell in love with her, she took a liking to him too. He was initially not really for getting another dog..Three dogs is a lot, but also they’re all small so it’s kind of like one big dog I guess. We took her home that day which I was so relieved for because the humane society can only hold a dog for like 12 hours I believe, so my hold time was over and someone else had put her on hold and I panicked when I didn’t see her photo on the website anymore. When we got there her hold actually just ran up from someone else and we were able to take her home. It’s been 5 days with her so far and she’s been acclimating very nicely! She’s an older dog..about 6 the vet said, so she is not in that hyper puppy stage. She’s quiet, house broken and very lovable. She has been following me and Scott through the house every where we go. All in all i’m so happy with the outcome and how well she fits into our lives and our dog’s lives. Though like Lola, we are having a hard time picking a name for her. Were stuck between Sadie, Bella, prancer-I like this name Scott doesn’t and Lucy. If you’s like to take part in helping us decide a name for her out of the ones I listed please feel free to go over to the Contact page of this site and send an email with your favorite name, the most votes for her name will be added up and we will choose what the majority favors.

I plan to have more updates on her as well as the rest of my pets throughout here and on my YouTube page. Keep and eye out for new updates of all my animals here on this website and my YouTube channel Here

Hope to see you soon!