I’m Back! (Again) / New Merch is ready?!/Fishy Updates!

What’s up guys!

Again with my absence, ugh! I’ve really been all over the map lately. I have so many projects I need to work on and finish and all of my animals need tending to daily. I also work 10 hour days and am up around 2:30am, so as you can expect I am in bed (and usually sleeping) by 7, lol. I also left for Florida to pick my sister up and bring her back home, and I also had a death in the family. It’s been a pretty chaotic month, but enough with the excuses. It’s been literally A MONTH. So I need to get back to basics and get back into the swing of posting regularly on here.

The good news, I always have this blog in the back of my head-seriously, it haunts me daily. I’m constantly thinking “I need to take pictures for this, I have to post an update for that”. So that’s helped me stay consistent in taking pictures and posting to my Instagram in the meantime.

I’m going to have a list of topics for this blog that I am going to cover, so that we are all caught up on what’s happening with me, my fish, my other animals and my products. I may not be able to fit everything into this one post (because believe me it’s a lot), so I may have to split this into two blogs to get you updated.

In this blog I’ll cover:

  1. My Butterfly Fry
  2. My adult butterflies
  3. Pond life so far
  4. Plans for future fry/future of the Tubular Telescopes Brand

Let’s start with the fry, as you know my Butterflies spawned after their very first water change in the outdoor stock tub. I had my first batch of eggs on the 26th of May, so these little babies are just about three months old. Which is so hard to believe because it seems like just yesterday they hatched! This was a relatively small batch of eggs, I’m not sure why, although I think it could be a number of things such as it being the first spawn of the season, the eggs could have went everywhere resulting in me only finding a few dozen and there were a lot of unfertilized eggs as well.


Needless to say after it was all said and done and the eggs hatched I had about 30-45 fry. Not much, but better than nothing.


I cared for these fry for weeks and currently I am now left with exactly 9 fry all together. There were many deaths, many culls and many tiresome days tending to these guys. I am actually sort of relieved that there were not many fry in this batch because I don’t know how I would have handled 200+ fry with what I already have on my plate. Needless to say, it was a good trial run and I know what to expect in the future. I am still culling however, and intend to cull about three more that I noticed have fused tails.

The fry have been growing at a decent rate, but are still quite small. There are a few that are decently larger than others in the group and I think this weekend I will start separating them out so that everyone has a chance to live and no one will be picked on. Below are the most recent photos of them at about almost three months old. I’m still working on my fry photo abilities, it’s super hard to get a good shot of them and I’m still working with my camera settings 🙂

I have been feeding them a diet of solely egg yolk from a hard boiled egg, which has been mixed in water and diluted down so that it can fit in the mouths of the fry.

I initially was going to do brine shrimp- I even made a brine shrimp hatchery and used the eggs I purchased sometime last year. However, I don’t believe the batch was good anymore because I waited DAYS before I realized the eggs were no good. In the meantime I was feeding them the egg yolk so that they would have nutrition and protein. Ultimately I just decided to stick with it because like I said, I need a plan that will work effectively and will not be time consuming. Plus, before all of these new food choices for goldfish fry- like first bites, baby brine shrimp etc. Hobbyists only used egg yolk to feed their fry and it has been effective for years. So until they are old enough to eat larger food choices, egg yolk it is!

Moving on to the next topic: my adult butterflies.

So this has been a sore topic for me as of lately. This is mostly for two reasons.

The first reason is that I did a lot of thinking and decided that I needed to make a decision. I don’t want my calico butterflies breeding with my red and whites, as you may know the outcome is usually not good as far as coloring. Any time you mix a metallic scale with a nacreous scale fish you get “muddled” coloring. A lot of the time you have offspring stay a blackish brown coloring (similar to their wild coloring) and they never change. Unfortunately for me, I have everyone in the same stock tub and I am certain that my two orange males spawned with my large calico female. So I have fingers crossed that this round of fry are not going to come out like I mentioned above.

So, back to my decision making..I have decided that I am going to sell Pongo, Ruby and Kirby-my calicos and my sakura. I am only going to breed red and whites for a nicer looking outcome and most of all, because I am more passionate about the red and whites. They are my favorite and even though this may limit my selling audience, I can’t do something I’m not totally passionate about for profit. It’s just not who I am and I put all of my efforts into things I love. So with this being said if you or someone you know are interested in purchasing my calicos please send me an email and I will get pricing for you as soon as possible!

The second reason that my butterflies are a sore topic as of lately, they are not breeding anymore. They have not spawned once since my first spawn a month ago and I am trying to figure out why. I have a couple of theories in mind and one of the things I am hoping to do is separate all of my females from my males. I am going to move the females from the pond for about 3-4 days to a week. Let the males have time alone with other males and then once the allotted time is up I am going to do a large water change and put only the red females back in.. Which right now is only Lucy. I have another red female (Luna), but I still think she is not ready for breeding yet. I want to discourage anymore calico/red and white breeding if I can and since I have no calico males this will work perfectly. So stay tuned for the results of this experiment lol.

Next topic: Pond life so far.


So this next topic is just a quick update on how everything is going out in the pond, how the fish are acclimating and how my expectations matched up to the reality of keeping goldfish outdoors.

I will say that the goldfish seem to enjoy being outdoors. they are eating more and seem very active. I think the sunlight does wonders on all living creatures and that’s no different for goldfish! I feel as though their colors are brighter and I have noticed a huge spike in growth with the three juveniles out in the tub. For example my girl Luna was extremely tiny! Her and Bubba were from the same spawn and he blew by her in growth. She just would not grow. I was feeding her so many different things to promote growth and I got nothing. When I put her outside she just started growing, I was amazed! Bubba, who was from the same spawn as her is also still growing tremendously. He has officially lost all of his black coloring and is now a solid orange-with the exception of a very tiny mark on his tail.


I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed outdoor fish keeping. I wish I lived somewhere where I could do it all year round. However, I do miss having my fish indoors where I can watch them. I am a big fan of side view and prefer that I see them this way than top view. I really don’t see them as much and I miss it. Another thing I don’t like about keeping an outdoor pond is that literally EVERYTHING gets in it.. We had a bad pollen bloom a month ago and all of the white fuzz ended up in my stock tub, like so much that I had to manually scoop in out when I was doing a water change because it was clogging my hose, grr.  I also can’t see to well in the bottom because it’s black so I know I’m not getting everything out. Also, it is just dirtier than a tank indoors would be. Which I kind of knew, but kind of didn’t know it would be so bad. I worry a lot because I’m already overstocked as it is and the added waste could really effect the health of my fish. So I have been trying to stay on  top of that as much as I can to avoid them getting ill. I have come to the realization already this summer that I won’t be able to do what I want to do as far as space/breeding/ pond size until I buy a house. That’s just the reality of it. I live in an apartment and space is limited, so needless to say I am more than ready to start the house buying process in August.

The last thing I wanted to talk to you guys about is the plans for my fry/future fry and Tubular Telescopes as a whole moving forward. Right now I have had some interest from people in purchasing my current fry when they are available. I am currently working out of my apartment as a one person show. I have the help of my Fiancé when I need it, which has been a god send. So I am trying to keep up with what the supply and demand as much as I can while still keeping my sanity 🙂

So here it is, my plans for the next few months all laid out nice and pretty for you!


For the rest of this month I will be focusing on breeding what I can with the fish I have (excluding the calicos) and selling my three large butterflies. With the money I get for them I am going to use it to purchase new red and white females from Dandy Orandas and add them to my breeding program. There are two issues with this as of right now. One, Dandy Orandas only offers auctions at this time. There is no way to ask for a certain  type/color of fish and buy it right then and there on the spot (unless you are someone of high status in the fish community as I’ve seen).

I know it’s been a long post guys, but like I said I have soo much to fill you in on and update you on. So before I go, I want to cover one more thing-it will be the last one, promise!

I wanted to take a minute to talk to you about my projects that I have been working on. As you know from my last blog, I have been making handmade painted mugs. each one has a silhouette of a goldfish breed on it, whether that be a ryukin, a telescope, or a ranchu. I am still working with the mugs to find the right combination of paint and finish that will not come off in the dishwasher or from hand washing, while also being safe for you. So far, I am almost positive that these mugs are only dishwasher safe and will be sold with that in mind. I tested the batch I currently had in the dishwasher and it worked fantastically!




I also took on a new venture as well. I was inspired by patchwork, so I decided to make some custom articles of clothing/accessories for other goldfish lovers like myself to sport. So far I have an awesome distressed handbag and a backpack up on my Instagram page for sale! See below:



These are the newest products that have been released. They are the only item of there kind currently in stock and I am not sure when I will have more available. if you’re interested in any of these items feel free to send me a private email or check out through my Instagram page. I am only accepting PayPal at this time 🙂


I have some other idea that I think would be awesome, but those you will have to wait on for a little while 😉 I’m still working on the kinks and ideas to find which ones I like the best and as soon  as I have a finished product that I like, I’ll check back with you and let you know what it is, and when it will be up for sale.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you are just as excited as I am for the future of Tubular Telescopes! I promise, no more absences from here on out 🙂

Talk to you soon!



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