We Had a Good Weekend! What in the Heck is a Bird Auction?!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Welcome back, I actually have no real updates for you this week on my fish as I wasn’t able to get stared on the outdoor tub. I am positive I will start constructing the build this weekend since my dad was able to find the materials at work to start the build with. So for now, It’s up in limbo again.

This weekend was a nice, slow (productive) one. I went to visit my parents on Saturday and brought along the pups for some time outside. My parents have two dogs, an Australian Cattle Dog and a mini Dachshund. I like to bring my dogs over because they love playing with my parents dogs and we often take them all on hikes in the woods as well. I thought I’d make today’s post about that and give you a couple of small updates on what’s been going on recently..

Here’s a few photos of the dogs, I brought my new Cannon G7x Mark ii with me to play around with, I’ve still been working with it to find the best settings for certain scenes and lighting etc. Update: I’m still over the moon with this camera!

43.jpg fg.jpg fgf.jpg r4.jpg r43.jpg rg.jpg xz.jpg

After I left my parents house, I took the dogs over to the reservoir by my house to let them swim for a little bit- It was an unusually hot day for May in upstate NY.

bvc.jpg fd.jpg vbc.jpg vc.jpg hn.jpg

After the swimming and playing was over, these little spoiled pups went to McDonald’s where they each feasted on their own 6 piece nuggets. Needless to say they were very tired after the day and went right home to nap it all off 😉

On Sunday, my fiancé and I met up with my dad for the biannual bird auction. This takes place at the Schaghticoke fairgrounds and it’s really a fun day. In the spring, many sellers are trying to disperse of the babies and young from the spring’s breeding season. So you can usually find a nice deal. The bird auction is not only dedicated to birds though, you can find many different kind of animals here including rabbits, goats, plants, and even puppies. it’s was rainy yesterday, but that didn’t stop us or anyone else for that matter, coming out to view all of the animals. Contrary to it’s name, the bird auction is more of a swap meet than an actual auction. Back in the day (when my father was a kid) they actually held an auction and you would have to wait all day for what you were looking for, which can get stressful. So it’s nice that it’s a little more laid back now a days.

bgdf jukikif

The bird auction had a fair share of pooches in attendance as well..


There were also many different kinds of animals for sale.. including my favorite, baby goats! Lots and lots of goats..


Among the goats were also different breeds of rabbits for sale. It was so hard to say no to bunnies lol.


The bird auction had a lot of spring flowers for sale as well.


I didn’t come home with anything this time, I was there mostly to look around and play with baby animals. My dad has been going since he was a kid and when I was little I used to get up early to go with him. It was our thing for the longest time. So, it’s nice now that I am almost 30 and engaged that I can still make time for the little things that we used to do and I know he enjoys it as well.

So that was my weekend in a nut shell, sorry for no new updates on the fish. I actually did confirm the sex of Rio this weekend when I saw him and the other two fish chasing one of my large calico females around the tank, so this is exciting news!


I have finished my vivarium as well and I am working on getting that post up here. It’s a more complicated post though and I am trying to figure out how to break the news on it. So for now sit tight and I’ll be posting again throughout the week.

Have a great day!




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