An Update! Goldfish of New and Old Come Together.

What’s up guys?!

Hope the week is going well for you so far. I just wanted to stop by and give a quick update on the fish I received from King Koi, and share a few pictures of the main tank. The two little guys just reached the end of their quarantine, and since the main tank has undergone some treatments and is now bare bottom, it’s in a much better place and ready to take on new inhabitants!


So this weekend while doing my weekly water change, I added these two in and they have adapted well and started swimming around with the group with no illness or issues and everyone is happy and healthy.


I noticed however, that there is no chasing going on. I figured their might be since going through a fresh water change and introducing some new faces, but nothing. I’m actually relieved,  Bubba did not chase these guys like he did when I introduced the three large females to the tank. This gives me added hope that both new fish are indeed male (fingers crossed). I decided on names for these guys since I can kind of confirm the sex.

The larger of the two is Rio:


His name came to me when I was watching him in the tank, there was no specific reason of picking that name.. I guess he just looked like a Rio to me? It stuck and he finally had a name after three weeks in quarantine.

The second (little guy) is now dubbed as Frodo Baggins- Frodo for short.


I chose this name because he is indeed very small, and he reminded me of the little hobbits off of my most favorite movie ever- Lord of The Rings, obviously 😉


I was able to get a few good shots of everyone in the tank parading around enjoying themselves (Old and New fish included).

b c.jpg d.jpg e.jpg g.jpg j.jpg l.jpg m.jpg o.jpg q.jpg r.jpg s.jpg w.jpg x.jpg  y.jpg

For now, I have no real updates on the fish since I’m still waiting for my father to construct a frame for the lid that will go on my tub. It’s taking longer than expected so I told him today that I am thinking of just getting something set up temporarily for now and then when it’s done I will add that feature later. Honestly, I know he’s doing his best and I appreciate it, but it’s getting later in the season now and the weather is warming up substantially so I really need to get a move on.

I am aiming to get some of the work done this weekend on the 110 gallon stock tub, so I will give you an update when that project is underway. As for now, keep checking back for new updates weekly as well as my Instagram. I post many updates to there when I can, which is usually daily.

Talk to you soon!



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