A Long Overdue Update On The New Fish! (Pictures Included)

Hey Guys!

I know it’s been a while since I last told you about my new fish. The last status update was me waiting for my shipment of butterflies from King Koi and I’m sorry it took so long to get this post up! I really am, its been so busy over here with animals and a sickness that broke out in my main tank, and recently I went to the reptile expo. Plus one a couple of things went wrong with the fish from King Koi that I had to put all of my attention into that. I know it’s not really an excuse, but I thought I owed you an explanation. Now that I finally have a few moments, I’d like to get right into the new fish from King Koi.


So for starters, on the day of shipment, King Koi contacted me through a direct message to let me know that one of the three fish I picked out had become egg bound and did not make it. I was shocked, and I was sad for the fish.. But I was also relieved in some way (silver lining) because as you know I was looking for males to offset my breeding colony. So it was almost a blessing in disguise that one was pronounced female because I really, really do not want another one.


I was able to pick another fish to add to the order at no charge. King Koi sent me two videos of fish they believed were males.



The first one I wasn’t to excited about, but I did like the second one and King Koi said that one was definitely a male. So I added him to the order and had all three of them shipped out together on Wednesday the 11th of April, which delayed the original arrival date of the 10th, but that was fine with me. I was given the option to receive the two remaining fish from the first order on Tuesday and then the third would be shipped separately, but I figured what’s a couple more days right?


So with that being said, the three fish were delivered on Thursday the 12th of April and here’s how it went:

The fish all arrived happy and healthy! They were all individually bagged and did not succumb to any injuries during shipping. The package they arrived in was clearly labeled as live fish and fragile (just as before) and the fish were nicely packaged.


I had them delivered to my parents house so someone would be there to pick them up and bring them inside. I went there after work around 4:00pm and opened the box there. I was again very pleased with the shipping process and the quality of the fish from King Koi.

I brought them home and floated the bags in the quarantine tub for about 20 minutes to get them acclimated to the temperature and one by one introduced them into the tank. They were swimming around within 10 minutes with little signs of stress which was great!


Until about 2 hours later…

I went into my fish room before bed to check on these guys to see if they were still doing alright. This is when I noticed that my favorite red and white of the bunch sitting on the bottom, not moving. I thought maybe it was just bottom sitting, and the lights had been off so maybe he was winding down for the night. When I stuck my hand into the tub and touched him, he was stiff. I had then realized that he was dead! My heart dropped, I had such good luck last time with King Koi that I wanted to order again and one of the potential males I now finally had didn’t make it.

I thought these fish were on the small side, I know they were labeled as 4″, but I think I expected them to be a little larger than they were. They were about the same size as the pandas I ordered back in October that all died the same way. I really don’t believe the smaller fish from King Koi do well during shipping. It could have been a freak accident, or it could have been something wrong with the individual fish. Honestly I’ll never know, but the remaining fish are doing fine. I am just so let down with it that I didn’t even contact King Koi to let them know. I’m just going to hope and pray that the one larger fish is male and that the other two males I already have in the main tank step up to the plate and breed successfully.

So now that the bad news is out there, let’s talk about some positive news!


On Tuesday I was going through Amazon and looking at this one camera I have wanted for almost a year now, but couldn’t really get past spending almost $600 in one shot. That was until I found out after some research, that my Amazon store card was running a 12 month no interest financing special on orders over $599.00. I was so excited, I could finally get my camera! This opens a lot of doors for Tubular Telescopes, because not only will I be able to deliver better quality photos to you guys, but I will also be able to continue my vlogging on the side of what I’m currently doing with this blog! I started a vlog back in November and after a few videos I stopped posting. Mostly because of being busy and editing takes up a lot of time, but even more so was the fact that I was using a low quality device (phone camera) to make my vlogs. I had to do a lot of editing and the videos were still blurry and not of the best quality. I also bought this camera with the intent of getting really nice photos of the fry that I will be posting to my website for sale in the future.


I bought the Cannon g7x Mark ii. This camera is small, but packs a serious punch! And it is used by a lot of vloggers because it has a great quality as well as a touch screen that you can flip up to view yourself while making the video. This is so helpful because you’re not guessing on how the video looks and you will know and be able to change settings around long before the video even gets into the editing process. The camera came last Thursday and I was able to test it out on my new fish in the display tank, so without further delay (because we all know you came for the pictures 😛 ), here are my two new fish!

The smaller of the two, sex unknown:


The larger male of the two:


I haven’t come up with names as of yet for these new guys and will be spending a few more days trying to see their personality shine through. As of right now though, the remaining fish are content, healthy and will be introduced to the main tank in a couple more weeks.

Also, keep an eye out this week for a blog on my trip to the NY Reptile Expo! I may or may not have come home with another pet(s) 😉


Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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