The Things You Find When You’re Not Looking.

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone’s week is going good! I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s been going on the past couple of days. I know it’s been silent on the blog-front.

As you know I was expecting three new butterflies in the mail on Tuesday. I told you I would update you on their arrival and share pictures of them with you. I have another blog I am planning on posting probably this weekend that shares with you the new fish from King Koi, and shipping/my thoughts on how the process went etc. I’m not going to go into detail about that now since it will just be stated again on Saturday, but I will let you know that the fish have still not arrived as of yet due to some issues pre-shipping, which I will also explain to you later on in the week. Everything is fine, and the fish are still scheduled to ship. I am expecting them to arrive this afternoon/evening through UPS.


So with that being said, I wanted to fill you in on something else that happened spur of the moment yesterday. I decided randomly to scroll through craigslist and I stumbled upon an ad for rehoming goldfish. Usually when people post these kinds of ads, the fish are almost always commons or comets. This person had a variety of fish such as an Oranda, a fantail, a few commons and a calico butterfly telescope goldfish. I was really shocked to see that because I almost never find them for sale in my LFS, let alone Craigslist. The person had them listed as a calico telescope and the picture wasn’t of great quality but I was almost positive it was a butterfly.


I emailed the seller and told her that I saw her post on Craigslist and that I thought the telescope was a butterfly telescope. I also asked her for better photos of the fish and explained that I am a hobbyist that specializes in keeping butterfly telescope goldfish. I also told her that I am working on breeding my fish this spring and that I would like to add this fish to my stock. She wrote me back and told me that she believed I was right on the fish breed, and that she would send over pictures through text if I was interested. She also told me that she had another calico butterfly if I was interested, in which I jumped on immediately. She was selling them for $7 a piece so for $14, I was able to give two new fish a nice home. (pictures below):


She also told me that she raises and breeds lop bunnies for her hobby and that she got into the fish hobby, but between that and the attention she needs to give her first hobby (the rabbits) she didn’t really have the time to invest in them. I told her I wanted to get a bunny eventually ( I had them growing up) and that I may come to her in the future for a new baby 🙂 She sent me a picture of the current babies she had, I posted it below:


Are they not the cutest things you’ve ever seen?!

So like I said, she is relatively new to the fish hobby and I could tell by how she housed her fish. She had a 40 gallon stock tub filled with about 6 fish. As you and I both know, fancy goldfish require 20 gallons of space per one fish and 10 gallons for every fish thereafter. She also had commons in the tank as well, which on their own, needs 20-40 gallons of free space per fish. I was eager to take these butterflies out of that environment and give them some space and clean water, because I’m sure the ammonia was probably not the greatest and I didn’t want someone inexperienced to purchase them and keep them in a similar situation. I did not tell her these thoughts, or that her tank was too small for all of those fish, because she was rehoming them anyways and she really seems like a sweet girl. We all make first timer mistakes when it comes to fish, and I’m sure if she knew she wouldn’t of kept them all housed together like she did.

So on Saturday I will be meeting her before she goes to work to pick up the new fish. I will have my new camera by then so I will be sure to update with nice pictures of both of them. Unfortunately the only photos I have are the ones provided to me as of now. So make sure to keep an eye out for that!

Also stay tuned for an updated blog Tomorrow of my new fish and why they took so long to get here.

Talk to you soon!




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