Say Hello to the Newest Members of the Nano tank!

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday, I hope your weekend was great! Mine was very relaxing. I took a trip with my fiancé to my LFS to pick up some new nano fish to add to the tank. I thought I’d make today’s post about the nano tank because it doesn’t get the spotlight too often, but it’s probably my favorite tank out of all the ones I currently have running. The reason for that is because it’s so small, but yet has so much variety. Unlike goldfish, who should be housed with the same species of fish, the nano tank houses such a variety of different species that all live together simultaneously. So you’re never stuck with only one option!

My nano tank currently houses several different species of fish and one species of shrimp. Before my trip to the fish store, my tank housed:

  • Chili Rasboras


  • Pygmy Cory Cat


  • Ghost Shrimp


  • Peacock Gudgeons


  • Dragon Scale Betta


The tank is about 11.5 gallons of water, and the brand is the fluval pure, and it’s literally amazing! I bought this tank back in November around the time of my birthday and it’s great because it comes with the whole set up, which incudes:

  • Tank
  • Filter
  • Filter media
  • Heater
  • Modern stand
  • Lighting

The only thing this tank doesn’t come with is the fish, seriously. As you can imagine this tank is pretty expensive but that’s because it comes with everything you need. Some people have told me that I’m crazy for spending such a high amount of money on such a small tank, but in actuality it’s so much more than that and everything you get with it makes it such a great buy-In my opinion.


So how much does this set up cost? When I bought the tank, I had $100 worth of gift cards and I still ended up paying about $199 out of pocket. It was on sale also when I purchased it at about $299.00. At original price, you’re looking at about $399.00. This tank also comes in three color varieties- Red, Black and white- with matching stand.


I chose the white because it was very sharp and clean looking. Fluval also makes the same tank and stand in a larger variety, I think about 17.5 gallons for a few hundred more. (pictured below):


If you’re looking to get one of these tanks, I highly suggest them. I have had mine for 5 months and I have no complaints!

So, back to the new fish. What did I get?


Upon arriving at my LFS and looking around, I fell in love with the Kitty Tetras-also scientifically known as Hyphessobrycon heliacus.


These little guys were very striking and did not resemble anything I currently had in my tank. I loved the black marking at the base of the tail with the two white dots to match. These guys were larger than my Chili’s which I also loved because I am looking for more fish to fill space in the tank. The chili’s, although very pretty tend to be of a more timid variety and often hang towards the top of the tank, so something that can swim around mid level would be nice.


These guys hid for the first hour after introducing them to the tank. But after that they came out of hiding and have colored back up. They became much more active and have quite the appetite.

The second group of fish I purchased were ember tetras, also known scientifically as Hyphessobrycon amandae. You will also hear them called Amanda Tetras, which is just a nickname of their scientific name.


These guys had a really nice coloring and a striking red resemblance to my chili rasboras. They are much larger than my chilis however, and they are a little more active, it was hard to get a clear picture of them.


I purchased 4 of these guys to make them feel safe and I think that was the right number because they have been schooling all around my tank in the open. These guys are also very active and a great addition to my tank!


The last thing I picked up from the LFS was ghost shrimp. I already had one in my tank, but I recently had an algae bloom and needed more bodies to counteract it. So, I took home 6 of these.


I am hoping that they all breed so I won’t have to keep buying more. As you may know they have a shorter life span than the fancier varieties of shrimp, of about 6-12 months. So If they aren’t reproducing then it’s a pain to keep buying more. However they are only about .50 each so it’s not like it breaks the bank. These guys are most often used as feeders for larger fish, so I feel good saving them from being fish food 🙂 I eventually would like to buy more expensive shrimp, but for now I’ll stick to these guys.

Here’s a couple videos of all the fish feeding in the tank.

Thanks for reading guys! Stay tuned for an update on the arrival of my new goldfish this Tuesday, I will have a blog update and pictures of them later in the week.

Talk to you soon,



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