The Newbies are Officially Part of the Crew! But….

Hey guys!

Happy April, Hope your Easter was great!

Just wanted to stop in and talk to you about the newbies/the oldies and the current situation.

So as you know my 125 gallon main tank currently houses my 5 butterflies -MooMoo, Bubba, Otis, Luna, and Lucy.

As of yesterday I added the three newbies to the tank, and it went well! They acclimated perfectly and it was quickly confirmed that these three fish are indeed female (thanks to Bubba). As soon as he noticed them in the tank he immediately and relentlessly chased all three of them for hours, going back and forth to each one. I snagged a few pictures of the tank at it’s current state, as well as a bunch of pictures of the fish (new and old) for your viewing pleasure:


So, now that the sex has been confirmed of the three new fish, I have to get yet ANOTHER fish. As of now I have 8 butterflies in my 125 gallon (new fish included) and that’s kind of pushing it on space as it is (at least what I’m comfortable with).


To add another fish, means more work to keep the tank clean and the fish healthy. As you know it’s usually a 20 gallon per one fancy goldfish rule, and then 10 gallons for every fish thereafter. So, with 8 butterflies, that brings me up to 90 gallons of used up space and 35 gallons left of “free space.”  It’s somewhat essential to keep “free space” free because you really don’t want to overcrowd and filling up the tank to max capacity could cause issues if it’s not monitored regularly. So as it stands now, I could get away with 2 more fancy goldfish and have 15 gallons left of free space. But as you know, I like to push limits..

With that being said, I’m really not comfortable with the male to female ratio I have going on here. I need (in my opinion) two more males to offset the group and make the chances of fertilization successful. I could always section off one male and one female to a separate tank, but I simply do not have the space for that and considering Bubba is not even a year old yet, I kind of rule him out of the equation all together.


Even though he’s showing extreme signs of wanting to breed, I don’t know if he will even be able to (but it’s not impossible). The females in the tank are double his size and although he’s growing like a weed, I don’t think it’s smart to rely solely on him. Goldfish should be at least a year or more in age before being considered for breeding, but Bubba will be a year old in May so it makes sense that he’s showing signs of breeding and it could very well happen.

Otis is well into the age of breeding but he’s just not showing enough interest. He did not even attempt to chase any of the new females around the tank-from what I could see anyways.


However, when they are transferred outside they could all change behavior. Needless to say, I need back up asap since there aren’t enough males in my breeding program.


Which brings me to my next topic- King Koi. as I said in my previous post, I needed to get into contact with a seller or breeder to ensure I can get a male fish. I had a virtual appointment with King Koi yesterday through FaceTime, in hopes of picking out a nice male fish. Like I said before, It’s hard for sellers to guarantee a male or a female to a customer, because in the end they could have been mistaken or the fish might not have the obvious signs of being a male such as breeding stars/chasing behavior/body form.

I spoke with Lauren during my appointment and let her know that I was in desperate need of a male fish. She was able to separate what she thought were males into and put them into an empty tank for me to take a look at. From there I chose two fish that I thought would be good candidates for breeding. It was kind of hard to really see them though, since we were talking from opposite ends of the country, the connection wasn’t the greatest and a couple times we had to call each other back after failed calls (hence my sad face):


However, we were able to narrow it down to two I really liked and Lauren was super patient with me and our bad connection.

I have to admit, getting two more fish scares me because of the capacity of my tank already. Lauren told me they were still running the “buy two, get one free” special, to which I initially declined, telling her I was at limited capacity for my tank. She then suggested I look at the smaller fish stock, that way I would have some time to figure out my situation. I’m not going to lie, I’m a sucker for butterflies, so I told her I wanted to check out the smaller selection. I found a nice red and white 3-4 inch juvenile to add to the order, and he was free! You can’t beat that. So after our video chat, she sent me a video through Instagram where I could really get a nice, clear look at them to make sure that’s what I wanted. I was happy with them and comfortable that they would possibly be males (at least the larger ones), so now I have three new guys coming next week! So with three new fish, that leaves my free space capacity at 5 gallons, which is not ideal. However, I am planning on upping my water changes during the week to ensure the quality of the water is pristine. It’s not the worst thing in the world if you keep up on it, so this will be a nice trial and error for me until we eventually buy a house (hopefully by fall). Also, the stock tub I bought from Tractor Supply is only 110 gallons, so I am actually overstocked by 10 gallons there, in which again, the water changes will have to be plentiful.

I am dying to show you the video of the new fish, but I think I’ll hold off and make a separate post about them since this one is already turning into a book 😛

I did not get a chance to go to my parents house this past weekend to start production of the hinged lid for my stock tank. I forgot that it was Easter weekend and I usually make a ham dinner for my family on Easter Sunday. Saturday was too nice of a day to spend inside or working on anything and my dad wasn’t sure yet of all the supplies we’ll need. He has a vision in his head for this door and a lot of the materials he needs are at work. He gets laid off this time of year for a couple of months (the norm for his job), so he hasn’t had access to the supplies. This time around, he was only laid off for two weeks so we will have the supplies and be completed with this project In the next few weeks!


I am getting worried because I’d like to move everyone outside by the middle of this month. At this point I’m not sure that’s happening. Also, with my new fish coming next Tuesday, the quarantine process will kick me out another three weeks.


So, It’s going to be a busy month for sure, but it will be an exciting one! I hope you stick around for more updates/exciting news and possible let downs. This is all part of being a fish keeper, and you have to take the good with the bad and plan ahead/around road blocks. The good news is, it’s only April. So I have the whole summer to produce fry. After I set everyone up, the future of this business really lies in their “fins” from there 😉

Have a great day everyone, and I’ll talk with you soon!





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