A Look At The Newbies! Official Update

Hi everyone!

Hope your week is going well, my week seems to be flying by, so I’m definitely not complaining!

I just wanted to stop by and give a more in depth update on the new fish from King Koi. How they are doing/ how quarantine is going/ future plans and more.

So let’s dive in:

The fish arrived on the 13th of March, so they have been in quarantine for a little more than two weeks. They have been healthy and active since they arrived and have been settling in nicely.


Other than feeding and water changes, I haven’t really disturbed them much. I wanted to give them time to get acclimated to their new home before I really dove in and took a good look at them. Actually, this is the first time I really bothered them other than initially looking them over for any physical deformities or illnesses.


I think they are all females-which is unfortunate for me because I really needed males to offset my breeding colony. If they are all confirmed to be female, I will have to order at least one more male to feel comfortable with this breeding process being successful. I have already looked at several fish (extensively) on both Dandy Orandas page and King Koi’s page in hopes of finding a male fish. I have two in mind from King Koi, but I am having trouble deciphering their sex -that’s a story for a different day 🙂

These newbies all have their own personalities and each one is different! Last night I conducted a “photo shoot” and I was really able to see their personalities, and overall appearance come to life. As I took pictures, I studied them each individually for a while to see how they swim, how they act and really get a good look at their markings. I was impressed with these fish even more so than the day I received them

This first fish is my favorite of the three! (S)he is a beautiful red and white sakura with a big set of even eyes and a nice tail spread. She was the first one that initially caught my eye, because she has the bright red and white coloring that I’m looking for. Actually, my favorite part about her is her coloring pattern! I love how on one side of her, she is red and on the other side she is almost all white. It’s like I have two different fish in one -depending on which way she’s facing you.


When I first put her into the display tank, I immediately noticed that she had a handful of scales that were glistening in the light. They catch your eye almost instantly and as soon as I saw that, I thought of my favorite childhood book The Rainbow Fish. For those of you not familiar with Rainbow fish, he was a blue, purple and green scaled fish with these stunning silver sparkly scales mixed in. (See Below):


She has the same “Rainbow Fish” style going on and I immediately wanted to name her something from the book.


The main character’s name is obviously Rainbow Fish, but I didn’t want to name her Rainbow. I looked up the word rainbow in a bunch of languages and didn’t really like those alternate words either, so I went through some of the other characters from the book and I really liked Ruby. Ruby was Rainbow Fish’s sister, she was actually very bossy and made fun of Rainbow Fish because she was mostly jealous of his beautiful scales, but she loved him regardless. Even though she was portrayed through the book as being “mean”, I still loved the name and decided to make this Ruby version 2.0 🙂


The next fish is also a beautiful one! (S)he is a nice big calico with a nice amount of bright red coloring. What I like about this fish is the mixture of different colors on her. Another calico of mine, who’s name is MooMoo-


Is predominantly black in color with some varying white and red patches, so it’s nice to have a calico on the other side of the spectrum with lots of orange and white color variation to her.


I will say this fish is a wild one. The other two fish were relatively calm, just hanging out in the display tank for pictures. This one was back and forth, up and down and restless. It was really hard to capture a good photo of her because she was always moving! I think I literally probably took about 30 photos and I only really liked about 7 of them. All of the spunkiness and attitude this fish had was just cute to me, and she reminded me of Kirby


Very little, but very spunky! So it stuck, and the second fish now had an identity. I present to you, Kirby:


Last, but not least is the final Calico who was the only one in which a name popped into my head immediately, but like I said she is most likely a she, and the name chosen for her is a boy’s name, but honestly it suits her.


When I saw her from top view, the little spots she has on her back reminded me of the 101 Dalmations and I instantly thought of Pongo. For those of you who don’t know Pongo, he was the lead character in the 101 Dalmations. (See Below):



I know I am a child, but I don’t care 😉

My favorite attribute of Pongo (besides the spots), would be that one of her eyes is completely black. I have a lot of fish, and none of them have black eyes like that. I was happy to add a little variety into my stock.


She is also a pretty mellow fish. She posed for all her pictures and didn’t seem to mind being in the small display tank. The funny thing about these last two fish is that I wasn’t planning on using calicos for my breeding program. I purchased Ruby first and then noticed the buy two, get one free special King Koi was running and I couldn’t resist. So as of now my current breeding plan involves both red and white butterflies and calico butterflies and honestly, I couldn’t be more excited!

So, other than what I’ve told you already, these fish have been doing well and everything has been going good in quarantine. I have started and finished two rounds of Praziquantel with no issues and have been doing water changes accordingly.


Next week will probably be their final week in the tub, in which I plan on performing a salt treatment the first half of the week and towards the middle of the week I will be introducing some of my main tank’s media to quarantine. I will also introduce some media from my quarantine tub to the main tank too. This way each tank will have a chance to be introduced to each other’s personal microbes, which will help them adjust gradually instead of just putting the new fish in and having it all happen at once.

So for now, that’s all I got. The pond will not be ready for another couple of weeks probably, but this weekend I plan on getting over to my parent’s house to start working on the new lid for my outside stock tank. I want to try and make a video as well so you can see the process from beginning to end.

Hope you guys enjoyed getting a first in depth look at the newbies and future breeders! Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon!




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