Update On My New Fish/King Koi Delivers!

Hello everyone and welcome back!

I know the last thing I told you about the status of my new fish was that they were purchased and ready to ship. Since then I have received them, looked them over and placed them in their temporary quarantine tank where they now reside for the next few weeks.

It’s been a couple of days since then and I wanted to give a little update on them, how I feel about the quality and packaging of King Koi goldfish and a little something for you guys to help me with 🙂

So as you know, I was not a fan of King Koi and Goldfish. The reason why is that I ordered 3 young pandas from them around September of 2017 and it did not go well. Immediately they all died within 24 hours, and didn’t seem to be in the best health. Some had blood coming out of their gills upon arrival. I chalked it up to something going wrong during shipping and contacted King Koi about the issue. They sent me 3 more, which ended up dying the same day/ over night like the previous ones had. The bag water they were shipped in smelled like death and they were all put in the same bag, not separately, which made their water quality deteriorate at a much faster rate. I contacted King Koi again and received no reply back so I decided that I would not to give them my business again.

That is until last weekend..

I sucked up my pride (and fears) and ordered three medium sized butterflies. The entire thing was nerve-wracking because I had the previous incident with this business in my head. So here’s what happened..

The fish arrived on Tuesday at my parents house around 4 pm. I arrived at my parent’s house around 4:15 and immediately opened the box, which was labeled “LIVE FISH” and also had a fragile label on it:


Upon opening the box, the first thing you see is the top of the insulated inner housing. I really appreciated this because it is quite cold here in NY and it was also snowing that day.


When removing the insulated piece,  I saw that the fish were all packaged nicely. A piece of bubble wrap had been rolled up inside to help everything fit nice and sung and to prevent movement during shipping, which I appreciated.


So now that everything on the exterior and interior of the box looked good, it was time for the best part-the reveal! This is always exciting because even though you see the picture of the fish before it ships, it never compares to seeing it in front of you and looking at it more closely. I will say though, that even with the insulated inner box, the fish bags were pretty cold. I expected this, however, since these fish were coming overnight from California where it’s much warmer, I hoped they didn’t experience too much of a temperature drop.


The fish looked good physically from what I could see. They did have labored breathing and I did wish the shipper put a little more water in the bag (there was a lot of waste), but they were alive! My anxiety was not over yet however because the worst happened last time when I put the pandas in the quarantine tank and they all died within 24 hours, so I wasn’t out of the woods just yet.

I brought the fish home and placed the bags in the quarantine tub to acclimate the fish to the temperature of my tank. I left them in for about 20 minutes and felt the exterior of the bag to be sure they had reached the temp needed. My tank has no heater in it, so the tank water was already cold which sped the process up a bit.


Finally, the fish were released one at a time and monitored for about 5 minutes before the next one was released.


The sakura was the first to be released in the tank and she was the most lagged out of all of them. She sat on the bottom for a while before she started moving around, she had labored breathing and was stiff as a board! I was very nervous watching her but after about 15 minutes, she snapped out of it and began swimming around with the rest of them 🙂 Here is a video about 20 minutes after releasing them into the tub:

So as of now everyone is doing great! I held off feeding until Wednesday, and I have only been feeding Repashy gel food for now. I’m planning on introducing pellets as another staple to their diet, but that won’t be for a week or so. They have all been acting very active and have an appetite, and their excrement is normal.

Here are a few more pictures ( I didn’t want to disturb or stress them too much) so the quality could be a little better:


So, all in all I had a very positive experience this time around with King Koi Goldfish. I am a fair person and I believe everyone deserves a second chance. I’m still not sure if it was the batch of fish I received initially that were not healthy, or if maybe it was that they were too young and didn’t hold up to the shipping. Either way, my opinions and negative feelings towards King Koi have been lifted, and I can say honestly that I would order fish from them again.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the fish as time moves forward and update with better photos as well. Now, I need your help! I need to find names for all three of these little guys. I’m still not sure of the sex, I haven’t been able to get a good look at them because I really don’t want to disturb them too much. However, leave a comment on what you think their names should be and the 3 best names will be chosen for the new babies!

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great weekend!






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