More Breeders?! / Betty White Takes a Turn for the Worst

Hi Everyone!

So I’ve been back from vacation for a few days now and I have a mixture of happy and sad news. The sad first..

My sweet (not so little) Betty White as some of you know from my previous posts, has swim bladder issues. I mean, It was tolerable for a while, she was always floaty, that was the way she was when I acquired her and it was tolerable. She had a quality of life, was not suffering and seemed happy.. but before we left for vacation she became much worse. It was alarming how quickly she went down hill-within a week’s time she was completely upside down. When she flipped over to swim she became top heavy and would sink back to the bottom and on her back. Before, like I said she was only occasionally floaty and was not struggling or suffering. I vowed that I would keep her alive as long as she was able to eat and swim on her own. Now she has no quality of life whatsoever, so I made the hard decision to euthanize her. As hard as it was and is, this was the right decision. She spent almost all day and night on her back lifeless on the bottom of the tank. When I fed the fish, she would get up and eat a little and then would be back on her back, towards the end she wasn’t even eating. So I just wanted to give her a little mention because she has brought me and my family and fiancé great joy. So swim in peace little girl!



Now that that has been said, we can move on to happier topics..

With the loss of my beloved Betty White, there is a plus side to all of this.. I now have room in my tank to add future productive members to my breeding stock! I have been doing a lot of research on where I would like to purchase my new breeders from and I have narrowed it down to one place in particular. I’ve called my LFS several times and had them put in an order for me and I have yet to hear from them. They have been having a hard time getting in what I am looking for, so I crossed them off the list. The next place I’ve frequently visited online was Dandy Orandas, since I have several fish from Ken I figured why not add from there. Here’s the issue with this..I have been seeing less and less butterflies, and the ones that do pop up are not really what I’m looking for-both in color and body. The prices are pretty high and I think (with no offense to Ken) that he has sold far better quality in the previous year. So I crossed Dandy Orandas off the list. Don’t get me wrong, I still visit the auctions every weekend because you truly never know what may pop up, but for now-it’s on the back burner.

So where did I decide to purchase my fish from?


After looking around and doing research, reading countless reviews/going through pictures and prices..the best bang for my buck is Coast Gem USA

I love their fish, their prices and the reviews I’ve read. I follow them through Instagram and from what I can see, their fish are very vibrant, healthy looking and have a good body form.


The only thing I do not like about Coast Gem USA? -You cannot choose your own fish.


I called them on Sunday and the lady I spoke with said that I cannot choose what I get unless I was to come into the store, but she did say that I could order and then call and let them know specifically what I’m looking for and they will take that information and try to match the best selection for me based on my requests and preferences-So that made me hopeful.

So as it stands now, I will be purchasing 2-3 butterflies, I am looking for a deep red and white coloring pattern because as of recently (the last several months) I really have been getting into the red and whites and would love to breed these along with calicos. It’s been prey warm here the past few days (for NY)- around the 60’s or so, and that has been getting me excited to get the breeding process rolling!

That is all the updates I have for now, I am very sad about Betty White, but with that loss comes new opportunities for growth and expansion. Since she was never going to be used for breeding purposes, I don’t have to worry about her eggs getting mixed in with the healthy stock’s eggs.

Update: It seems my LFS has received the butterflies I was asking for and are bringing them out of quarantine in the next few days! Stay tuned for which fish I bring home 🙂

Talk to you guys soon!




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