Leaving for vacation! What steps I take to prep my fish while I’m gone

Hi Everyone and happy Saturday!

As some of you know from my previous posts..I was intending on moving to Florida, and after I realized that was not going to happen I decided to take a trip to Florida. Well that’s not happening either.

My Fiance and I decided to not drive down there because it is so far away and it will eat away atleast 4 days of our 10 day vacation. We decided to go to Myrtle beach instead! It’s a 14 hour drive which is much, much better than 2 days of driving. The best part? The really nice ocean front hotels are dirt cheap right now! For example, we booked a 5 night stay from This upcoming Sunday until next Friday-Ocean front condo with balcony, a kitchenette to cook and a minute from downtown Myrtle beach and boardwalk.. $50 a night! The hotel is a 4 star, so we are extremely excited to go down to the warm weather of the mid 70’s. I know that may not seem the hottest to some of you, but keep in mind here in New York it’s about 20-30 degrees F everyday.

So the reason I’m posting this is not to talk about my entire vacation-(even though it’s so hard not to), but to talk about my preparations to my tanks and fish before I leave. I will be gone for  5 days and I will not be there to monitor my fish. My sister is staying at my house to take care of all my animals while I am gone which is amazing because I have three dogs that need to be let out and I did not really want to pay to have them boarded.

So, I made a compiled list of things that are a good idea to do before leaving on a long vacation for your fish babies.

Water change and cleaning of the tank                                                                                  this is probably ( at least to me) the most important thing to do for your tank before leaving for vacation. It allows them to get their weekly water change in and you won’t have to worry about them while you’re away. If you run over your return time for say, a delayed flight for example, you know you’ll be covered. We are leaving for a week so when I come home next Friday, they’re regular scheduled water change will be that Saturday.

Food prepping

This is a pretty important step as well! Before leaving I made a fresh batch of Repashy and stored it in the fridge and have all of the other foods such as brine shrimp and blood worms ready to go. I also compiled a list for my sister on what she should feed at what times of the day and the quantity. This way their feeding schedules and variety will remain the same while I am gone.

Examining the fish

Another great thing to do before leaving for an extended amount of time is to look at the health and status of your fish. How are they swimming? Do they show any physical signs of stress or illness? Do they have an appetite? All of these questions and examinations will help both you and the fish while you are gone. If you fish is showing signs of illness or parasitic infection then you can treat them accordingly before leaving to aid in the healing process.

There are many other ways you can prep your fish for your departure, but these are my three go to’s when I am planning on leaving town. I hope these helped if you are planning a trip soon -to feel better about leaving your fish babies home.

I will be returning next weekend  and will be back on my blog the following week so keep an eye out for fun things from my vacation and Updates on all of my fish babies. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Talk to you soon,



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