My Little Babies Are Growing! Monday Morning Chats.

Hello everyone, and happy Monday to you!

Although we all hate Monday’s, let’s start on a fun note with some goldfish baby growth!

Over the weekend I performed my weekly water change as usual, and noticed how large one of the babies I received from Water Pigs USA was getting. He may not be huge in comparison to what he was when I received him, but his body is more filled out and he is catching up already to Otis and Lucy, which I believe are a year or so old. In all honesty though, Lucy and Otis are not growing nearly as fast as they should be and seem to be about the same size as they were if not a little bigger than when I purchased them. I’m not sure how old they were when I bought them but they were a decent size which leads me to believe they were not grown out as well as they could be. Let’s face it the peak of goldfish growth is usually within their first year of age.

With all that being said, Here are some comparison photos of Bubba and Luna now, and when I first received them back in November.

We’ll start with Bubba first since his growth is a little more dramatic than Luna’s.

These photos are a side by side comparison of the first day I had him (first photo) and now.


As you can see, from November to now he has grown to the point of taking up most of my hand. In the first photo, I could hold him against my fingers. Here are some more pictures of him now.

He is starting to lose a lot of his black coloring. I am wondering if he will turn out to be like Luna (all orange) or if the black will turn to white. Either way he has been doing a lot of growing since I first got him and I am really excited to see what he turns out to be-Especially with the growth rate he has already undergone in 3 short months.

Next up is Luna, she hasn’t experienced the same amount of growth as Bubba. I chalk it up to her series of misfortunes since she’s been with me. She was housed with Bubba when I first had her in a 30 gallon quarantine tub. Bubba was a chow hound and I felt she wasn’t getting as much food and nutrients as he was. She also ended up getting stuck in the filter intake overnight and I thought she wasn’t going to make it. She is so much smaller than my other fish so it’s hard to see her growth without a side by side take. Here she is when I first brought her home (first photo) vs. now.


As you can see with Luna, there is not much change other than her color. Her orange color seems to be receding on her belly leaving a more white appearance. She is slightly larger than she was before and a little more filled out. I am currently thinking of ways to help her growth, obviously the ideal solution would be more added protein, however my older fish in the tank with her would just gobble up most of it and I don’t really want them eating all that protein because it’s not good for older fish. Right now I feed them blood worms or brine shrimp once a week, I’m hoping once I get everyone outside her growth will shoot up. Here are some more photos from yesterday of Luna:

Fun Fact:

When I received Luna and Bubba, it was right around the time Jenni from Solid Gold went to see Josh from Water Pigs USA. She picked up two calicos from Josh and she also went home with two babies, which were I  believed spawned the same time as mine in May. So essentially, I believe we had babies from the same fry batch! I was really excited about that because I can compare my fish growth to hers and see how her babies are growing and coming through.

Well that’s all I have for today, I hope your Monday (and the rest of your week) goes well!

Talk to you soon,






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