Weekend things: Changing up my Nano tank (AGAIN)

Hello and happy Monday!

I am less than enthused to start another week, but I am happy to have had the time to give the nano tank some TLC over the weekend. I was worried I would not have time to take care of it, but it worked out last night that I had a few hours to get it together before bed.

I was so disgusted at the amount of all different kinds of algae that had built up and taken over my tank- most of it was on the spider wood. So I took the wood out and ran it under scalding hot water and scrubbed it off. After that I ended up breaking the smaller branches off because as much as I loved the piece, it wasn’t ideal for my tank. It took up a majority of the space so I really couldn’t place anything else in there. Here’s a few pictures of what the tank looked like before the switch:

As you can see, it was extremely cloudy and there wasn’t much of a “wow” factor to it. The spider wood was completely taken over by algae and you couldn’t really see the fish at all with everything going on.

So I ended up reshaping the substrate and made it incline towards the back of the tank, In the foreground I placed three river rocks that I had used for my goldfish a while ago. I made a cave out of them for the fish to go and hide, also there are plenty of gaps for them to swim though, so everyone will not be on top of each other as much. -Pictures below:

As you can see, last night the water was a little cloudy due to moving everything around- but this morning it was crystal clear and looking much, much better. Here are some updated photos of the tank today:

In the back, I placed a mushroom statue to give the tank a more river-like feel to it and the braches that I broke off of the original spider wood were placed around the tank to give it that “woodsy, nature feel.” I think it came out great! I placed my anubias plants back into the tank as well as some fake silk plants. There is more open space for the fish to swim above the décor. Now that this has happened, I realized that my tank is still very bare..so this weekend coming up, or later in the week I will be getting some more small nano species to add into the tank. I’m sure with a couple more fish this tank will be right where it needs to be!


Now before everyone flips out, yes that is a betta fish in my community nano tank. Buddy has been with me for a little while now and he recently came over a rehabilitation period, he almost died on me. So I nursed him back to health (he could barely eat) and when I felt he was strong enough I took him out of his little hospital cup and into the nano tank. I monitored him for several days very closely and he has yet to bother any of my smaller chili rasboras, or my shrimp. Everyone is living in harmony, so until there is a problem that is where he will stay 🙂  He is doing great now, he has his full appetite back and he is swimming around happily!


I posted some videos of the tank to my Instagram, which you can find on my home page. I like to do my live videos there also! every post I make on IG goes straight to my homepage sidebar, so you’re just a click away from seeing the live action of it all. I do not have video clips enabled on this blog yet 😦 so sadly, all I can post are pictures. If you get tired of the still frame life, you know where to find those videos 😉 :Page name: tubulartelescopes

Well thanks for reading! Hope you like the new set up as much as I do!

I’ll be posting later on in the week to show you some more things and when I get my new fish. Until then, talk to you soon!



2 thoughts on “Weekend things: Changing up my Nano tank (AGAIN)”

  1. Omg is that a betta!! 😱 j/k Okay the original pictures of the tank that looks like tannin (sorry not sure if that’s the spelling) leaking & colouring the tank maybe more so than ‘cloudy’., Anyway the changes are amazing… I love all the little 🐠 & everybody in there! I will take another look when I’m home from work on my pc!


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