A Look at my Nano Fish and Other Species/Nuisance Algae Growth

Hi again everyone!

Today I figured I’d finally share my nano fish with you. I know I posted about them weeks ago. Since then I have added more species to my collection and still haven’t gotten around to posting about them.

I have a nice handful of fish now, and I was originally waiting until they came out of hiding and became more comfortable in their surroundings to show them off (most of them hid for a week or so). I still haven’t managed to get everyone’s photo because like I said it’s hard to see everyone and also they move MUCH faster than the goldfish do.

So far, everyone is doing great. Here’s some pictures of the ones I could capture (FYI sorry if they are blurry)




So as you can tell from the not-so-great quality photos, it’s hard to get the perfect shot because these fish are all over the place. Also, The water is always cloudy! I’ve literally spent so much time trying to correct this issue. The water becomes cloudy a day or so after a water change.. At first it was the eco complete, then I believed it to be the lighting -so I tried to dial that back as much as I could..Now I have a very bad algae problem. Mostly on the spider wood. I clean it off and the next day or so, it’s covered again. (See below pictures)

It’s gotten so bad that I have given up trying to keep it at bay. I’m looking into things to do to prevent this type of growth. Also, I am getting really bored and discouraged (again) with this set up, so I think I’m going to take all of the décor out and start over again this weekend. Does anyone else have these problems with their spider wood, or other types of aquarium wood in their tank? I swear my goldfish tank does not have these problems..

I am really looking for a natural look for this tank and everything I try and do doesn’t seem to be working. I want an intricate little woodsy looking tank and It seems wood is just not going to be a theme in this tank. Oh well, when in doubt- tear it down and start over again. This tank was too expensive and is too nice to look as bad as it does. I think I am going to do some searches on Amazon for some artificial soft grass-like plants and see what else I can find. This tank needs a deep cleaning anyways. I also think I’m going to take the eco complete out since I have no live plants hanging around in my tank anymore (except for some anubias).  I would like to find and do something along the lines of this…

Basically I believe it’s just going to come down to finding something that works, is healthy for the fish and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I can’t tell you how many tanks I’ve finished and changed two weeks later, and then changed again until I found the perfect setting for myself and the fish. I won’t give up hope!

Let me know if you have any personal remedies for excessive algae growth, and how you got your nano tank established in the comments. I love pictures too, just a little hint :)!

Talk to you soon,




2 thoughts on “A Look at my Nano Fish and Other Species/Nuisance Algae Growth”

  1. I still think you should give it some time, I used to have driftwood years ago in a 55 gallon and it took on a film like algae .. I think at the time I had read to boil it but I’m pretty sure it will go away on it’s own in time.. However if you’re just not pleased with your set up then no amount of waiting will make you happy so do what you want to do to make it how you want it 🙂


    1. Thanks for the info! I have not touched it for a few weeks, and for some reason it just doesn’t want to quit. So I figured since I’m changing up my tank anyways I’ll just figure something out, I haven’t thought to boil it though. I will definitely try that!


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