Weekly Spotlight! My other pets series Featuring: Gunner and Lola

Hello again everyone!

I’ve been feeling very social this week (hence all of the posts), So I figured I’d post off the beaten path of goldfish with a little segment on my other loves. My fur babies are a very important piece of my daily life just as my goldfish are and I believe they deserve a little bit of the spot light.

As you know, animals are very important to me-I have quite a few! They are the official Tubular Telescopes mascots and while they are not the main focus of this page, they are often behind the scenes of my day to day life.

If you are not  familiar with all of my animals, you can check out my page Here to see all of the furry faces and get a background on each member of the family.

Today’s segment of my series will focus on Gunner and Lola, my two Boston Terriers.


I decided to feature these two together because they have been through so much together. They are basically husband and wife, and they are definitely bonded. Lola came in as a puppy and had Gunner to grow up with and guide her. These two sleep together, they have traveled together and for a long time, they were the only dogs in our life..before we adopted Cleo.

Lola is a year younger than Gunner, she will be 3 in February..actually, her birthday is on Valentines day! Gunner will be turning 4 in March on.. St. Patrick’s Day! That’s right, we have two little holiday babies. We didn’t even plan it this way, but I love that their birthdays fall on a holiday (It’s also easy to remember)


As I’ve said on my other page, Gunner came to me when I was living alone, and I was lonely from time to time. I felt that I needed something to keep me company and needed the companionship. I Knew I didn’t want a relationship at that time and I was in my early twenties so what better time than then? Gunner was the cutest little thing! He had the standard Boston Terrier eyes, that resembled the breed well. His head was much smaller than his eyes, and his ears were larger than his head. He was so goofy looking, but in a totally adorable kind of way.


I loved the blue coloring to him also, considering the coloring for the standard breed is either black, seal or brindle. He was different and he was meant to be mine forever.

I haven’t owned this breed before, but I did A LOT of research on different breeds and this breed seemed to fit most into my lifestyle. I will say this about the breed, they are extremely loyal, they are a good watch dog (but do not usually bark otherwise) and most importantly, They are very funny and quirky-I literally laugh at their antics everyday at least once a day. The nickname most often used for Boston Terriers is the American gentlemen, that’s exactly what they are too!

For a while it was just me and Gunner, our bond grew very strong since we only had each other. We were inseparable, and actually, we still have the strongest bond out of all of my animals to date. When I met my fiancé it was hard for Gunner to accept another man had entered my life. Now, I find them both cuddling or sleeping together on the couch occasionally. Gunner had finally, over the course of a few years allowed him to enter the “inner circle” and I think this was because they both realized they both had my best interest lol.

Around the time Gunner was one year old, I wanted to add to our family. I told my fiancé that I really wanted a female BT because I wanted a pair and I thought the best match up for a male dog was a female dog. I was searching the want ad digest regularly in my free time at work when I stumbled across an ad with pictures of 10 BT puppies for sale. It was posted that day and when I called, the man selling them told me that I was the first one to inquire and he would let me have first pick! I was ecstatic, he had a nice number of females too.

Scott and I went over that weekend and sat with all of the puppies. We were there for a while and I had narrowed it down to two females I really liked. One was a bit chubbier and seemed to have a little attitude and at first I was not keen on that because I didn’t want a mean dog. The other one was (what I am assuming) the runt because she was very small and we all know that the runt in the litter can have their issues as well.

I ended up picking the runt, but all the way home something kept nagging at me about the other one. She wasn’t aggressive so to say, but she was assertive in the way she didn’t let the other dogs push her around. I did like that because gunner went through this stage where he was a little bit on the domineering side and I didn’t want to get a really meek dog for the fear of him walking all over her.

After much debating, I called the guy that same night and told him I wanted to take the bigger female home-which he was happy to oblige! So there she was…our new little member of the family


I was happy with my choice, but for the first two weeks we had her, we could not pick a name! It was taking forever and we had a handful of names we really liked and just couldn’t decide on one. Finally we decided to take the names we liked and put them in a hat and pick one out of the bunch. And low and behold that’s where Lola came from!


Lola grew up but the funny thing is, she is super tiny! She started as the biggest puppy to growing into the smallest, most petite dog ever!ef

We enjoy our time together doing so many things. These two dogs are the best dogs I’ve ever had. They listen to us, they are able to hike and camp without having to be on a leash, they have been on countless road trips and vacations with us, they go kayaking. They do it all and I never really expected that from this breed as you usually see that with a more athletic breed. These dogs have been more places than most people have. For instance, when my fiancé and I both lost our jobs back in 2015, we decided you know what? let’s go on a 2 week road trip. We took the dogs with us and although they are good in the car, I was worried about how they would handle it. Again to my astonishment they handled it like champs. We went down the whole eastern coast from New York to Florida. Then from there we went west through Mississippi, Alabama and stopped in New Orleans for a few nights. These dogs have been in a total (counting our vacations on the New England coast) of 18 states! They have been to the Atlantic Ocean, The Gulf Of Mexico, they have walked down Bourbon Street in New Orleans, they have seen the iconic Mississippi river, they have been to Myrtle Beach, They have seen the White house, Destin Fl…Savannah GA, Maine-So many places. I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

So that ends today’s edition of my series of other pets I have and love. If you liked what you read give this a like! I am considering featuring one non-goldfish pet a week. I have placed some more photos below (scroll down) of my dogs doing fun and adventurous things and just being dogs, because..who doesn’t love puppy pictures! (some of these are from our road trip, camping etc.) Hope you enjoy!

See you guys soon!






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