I got new nano fish/Pictures of my trip to my LFS

Hi everyone!

I hope your weekend was great! Mine was pretty good, I took a trip down to my LFS-Eddies aquarium to get some more nano fish for my tank. It was looking a little bare considering I had only two tiny fish in there!

As always, I love going to my LFS, they have some of the best looking fish there and with a bunch of variety! I go there to get one thing and end up taking almost 2 hours in the store because I can’t stop looking at the selections.

Speaking of selections, their goldfish selections are always amazing. I saw this week they added calico orandas and calico ryukins to the mix. They also had this beautiful bright red oranda that I adored!


Stunning! I’m not sure if it was the lighting, but this fish was incredibly iridescent. It was practically glowing!

These calico ryukins and calico orandas were also exceptional. Great sizes and very active and healthy. If I was into orandas and ryukins as much as I was butterflies, I would be all over these.

Sorry the pictures aren’t the best, the lighting was hard to capture their true beauty through the camera lens, but I’m sure you get the idea of how pretty these guys were 🙂

I also took a walk through the salt water section because, well we all know that salt water fish are always an eye catcher. Actually, while looking at the small reef tank I realized that the last time I was there I missed some very beautiful creatures hiding amongst the coral and branches. Let’s see if you can see what I’m talking about..

If you’re having trouble making them out (like I did) these are some very sneaky seahorses. It took me a minute to realize the were even there and I began to search for more. I found a total of 4 that were gracefully hiding amongst the scenic coral. Very beautiful creatures. When I used to have a salt water tank I wanted these so bad! I soon found out that they are very hard to care for and really required an experienced fish keeper. So I opted to admire their beauty from someone else’s tank, or at my LFS lol.

The last thing I wanted to show you was the axolotl I found below the goldfish, I wasn’t able to get a great picture of  her, considering she was facing the other way, and they don’t move too often. But she was worth a notable mention…


So that was my trip on Friday after work. As always it was fun and enjoyable. I ended up leaving with 6 chili rasboras, two red shrimp, three ghost shrimp and two (what I believe) to be killifish. I haven’t got pictures as of yet due to it being really hard to find most of them and that my tank isn’t really up to par at the moment, I need to do a bit of cleaning maintenance and a water change, But I promise I will have pictures up this week! Thanks for being patient. Here’s a preview of my nano tank with it’s new sand..


I also was able to get my butterflies’ tank cleaned this weekend. I usually do a 90% water change once a week in my main 125 gallon tank. They are always happy for their water change and they are very interactive and swimming around looking for food. A lot of the time while I’m cleaning the tank I’ll pet some of them and hold them. They are so quirky and fun and I just love them. The two babies I received from Water pigs USA are getting quite big compared to the size they were when I received them.

Here’s a quick little picture of them..

Well that’s all I have for today. Thanks for reading and I’ll be sure to post more nano tank updates and pictures this week.

See you soon!




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