Lot’s of updates/possible relocation to Florida?!

Hello and happy Friday everyone!

This week has been a whirlwind of emotions for me. My week started by tending to fish that I was certain had dropsy, I had two fish deaths over the past weekend trying to treat them in a salt bath, and I heard back from a job that I inquired about through an email I sent that I found on their website. I was pretty sure this was a dead end street because it was a very odd way to let them know that I was seeking employment and how incredibly passionate I was about goldfish. I sent them a link to this website along with some pictures of my current fish.

So, I’ll start off by saying that the two females I was convinced were either egg bound (or more so in my opinion) had dropsy, were cured. What I mean by this is, I said in my previous blog that they were severely swollen that their scales were raised ever the slightest. I was immediately convinced it was for the worst and that the only reason a fish would start to have raised scales would be due to dropsy. My one older female was so swollen that her face was also blown up, and they were both having trouble getting around. I also gave them a salt bath a few days prior and they were on a strict blanched pea diet for 3 days. On the very last day of the pea diet I woke up to see that whatever swelling they had had, completely ceased and they were back to their normal size. -Honestly, I’m still at a loss for this one but was thankful for the recovery. I did not treat them with medication because they already had prazipro in their tank and I left them in the main tank because if they were egg bound, separating them from the males would not fix this case. Whatever happened, happened and it worked!

Here is some before and after photos (before-left, after-right)


The other girl is to the far left of this photo at the bottom..


I apologize for the not so great photos..These were taking in a hurry on my way out the door to work, But in person the difference is indescribably different I will have to get a few better photos for you to look at. Also, just a side note-even though these girls still look plump, they are supposed to be more round in body shape than males. They were about this round normally before the swelling.

Moving on :)..

The night before last, I noticed the males were chasing the females around the tank. I was so shocked for this! below you can see my youngest male withe his head up the older ladies behind lol.


I put in the two spawning mops and let nature take it’s course-this definitely solidifies the fact that the swelling was indeed breeding related and I was both relieved and excited.


So all in all, everything is great in the world as of now! (at least in my fish world anyways). Since putting the spawning mops in I have not seen any eggs, so it’s a waiting game, or maybe the ladies did drop eggs while I was at work and someone (if not all of the fish) ate them. I think whatever the fish had prior to my salt bath and major water change has subsided in the sheer fact that everyone has a lot more energy, eating and foraging and now exhibiting breeding behavior. I am a happy fish mama this week.

So on to Florida..


This one is a bit more complicated. I am located in upstate NY, I have lived here all my life, in the same small town with all of my family (who are all very close). I have wanted to leave before but held back because I truly felt in my heart I would regret leaving them all behind, especially my grandmother who is my best friend and basically my mother figure. I love her so much and I am afraid that if I left and something happened I wouldn’t forgive myself. However, I also felt regret for not doing something for myself, to see if I can do it and to grow as a person and follow my dream.

Well as stated in my title, I went to a few fish corporation websites and sent my info and interest in the hobby to a few places, and one called me back. A national manager at that! He said he would like to discuss my love for the hobby more and said that he was forwarded the email I sent out and wanted to talk to me more. That was on Monday. I was having a horrible day and It was like a big ray of hope came shining through. I called him back and did not get through so I left him a message. I spoke with my fiance and after much going back and forth and talking, he is on board.

The only problem now is I have still not heard back from the manager and I am starting to worry that this isn’t going to go anywhere (after I already was so thrilled for the call). I called one other time and left an additional voicemail and I am going to leave it at that. I do not want to be a pain or come off desperate, and if it is meant to be it will happen. So as of now, I am still in limbo with this and I am just hoping it goes through. If not, then I am a strong believer of everything happens for a reason. I do know that I need a change though and that I need to follow what my heart wants. I have taken may jobs just for the sake of making good money and every time I have not been happy. I need to do something for me, for my happiness.


So with all of that said I will be keeping you guys updated, I hope to have good news to come. In the meantime please feel free to comment and tell me if you’ve ever moved a great distance away from home. I’d love to hear your stories and get some advice for beginning, during and after moving stages, how to adjust to your new life and what you do to cope with being home sick.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, Talk to you soon!




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