I added a new tank! But did not fill it with goldfish?!

Hi Everyone! And happy New Year!

This past week I have been busy prepping a nano tank for new fish. I am pretty much complete with this project and have to upload and edit the video this week.

Over the course of my birthday (November baby) and Christmas- I have received many gift cards to my LFS. I used the ones from my birthday for my new fluval pure aquarium kit. This kit comes with the 12 gallon tank, the built in lights with digital timer settings, the filter and all of the media you need to store in the built in compartments. It also comes with the stand-which alone comes in three colors, red, white and black. Lastly, it also comes with a thermometer so you have everything you need to get it started up. Here is a picture of the same one I purchased below.

15072 Guys, seriously…This tank is sharp! It’s so adorable, yet modern and sleek. I have been wanting one for so long and my LFS has had them for a while, but I noticed around the time of receiving my birthday gift card that they were on sale and I was super excited to finally purchase one!

So what to put in this tank? I’m glad you asked..I wanted this tank to be dedicated to nano sized fish. Yes that’s right, I have really been getting into the whole aquascaped theme as of lately and wanted to try my hand at it. I purchased some Monte Carlo, some ferns and some moss to (hopefully) take over the floor of my tank. Right now it’s not the prettiest site because I only bought one bundle and its spread out throughout the bottom of the tank, but with time it should (again hopefully) take over so that the entire bottom is covered in moss..like this picture below..


This is tank bottom goals right here! It doesn’t happen overnight so it’s really a patience game at this point. -Which I lack…

I also bought a really nice piece of spider wood to give it a nice natural feel. -the owner of the store had to cut some of the branches off to make it fit completely into my tank though lol. When I look into this tank, I want to be able to feel like I’m looking at a slice of the wild and I feel that spider wood really give off that feeling of a natural habitat.


Next, once the tank is cycled I bought my first fish! I started with two pygmy corys, and some very small tetras that stay extremely tiny! -I’m really sorry guys, the lady at the store told me the names and I forgot them, ugh! I’m pretty sure the one species was a rainbow tetra, but I can’t remember for sure. I bought 4 of those and one other small tetra, so 7 fish in total. -Now, with a nano tank you are able to add more species and schools of fish because it’s basically a small eco system. As long as you’re not overcrowding the possibilities are endless!

The biggest issue I was having with the tank is that the eco complete that’s used as a base substrate for your plants as nutrients can make your tank water extremely cloudy- as seen below:


I tried the “plate method” -Using a plate on top of your substrate for the water to hit first when filling- and at first it seemed fine, but as the days went on my water became very cloudy! I could barely see an inch in the tank. This won’t hurt anything so to say, but you really don’t want the nutrients and things in the eco complete meant for your plants, all up in the water column. I opted to not do a water change and just let this settle and it’s been fine.

So all in all I decided to take this week to talk about something new in my life, and although they’re not goldfish, they are still pretty awesome! My intentions with this tank is to add several more species of fish, as well as some shrimp and other small crustaceans to create a nice variety.

Hope you’ll tune in this week for my video on the tank and also included in the video is some footage of my trip to my LFS, there you will be able to look at some of the fish varieties they carry and get an even bigger daily dose of aquatic life!

Thanks for reading!






2 thoughts on “I added a new tank! But did not fill it with goldfish?!”

  1. How neat! You could also try adding water over your hand to offset some of the disturbance although I just kind of made a mess when I did it with my tank haha…


    1. This is a good idea! I did not think of that. I will have to try it during water changes. The plate can be a bit much to get in the tank since it’s so small. Thanks for the tip!


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