New Video drop on YouTube!

Hi everyone!

I am excited to announce that I have added my first (of many) blog video to my YouTube page! This week’s video shows me adding substrate and anubias plants to my tank for the very first time. -I have NEVER had or wanted substrate in the past for my goldies because it can aid in the bio load of your tank and it is easy for your levels to become askew. But I have noticed that my fish most of the day are just hanging around the tank and seem like they are not getting the quality of life they deserve. Usually in the wild, goldfish such as karp and koi have a soft sandy bed that they can sift through for food, I thought that although it is nice for me, I wanted to give my fish something to do for the day because let’s face it sitting in a tank with nothing to do all day is not really a good quality of life for my fish. So I sucked it up and bought two 20lb bags of Carib Sea substrate as I only wanted a small amount, just to cover the bottom basically. I also stated in my last blog that I bought anubias plants through Amazon. I added all of these to the tank and put my new fish into the main tank because their quarantine was over. Instead of an instructional “how to” video, I just wanted to give you the experience of doing it. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I will be updating it weekly with new videos.

You can watch my video here:)

Thanks and I’ll talk to you soon!





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