New fish out of quarantine/What is that worm in my fish tank?! (Also, I revamped my main tank)

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delay in posts, it’s been a hectic last couple of weeks with trying to get last minute shopping/wrapping and then Christmas itself..Which is usually a 5-part series for my family.

I have many things to update you on! First would be that quarantine for the new fishes has ended and although it’s been a quiet quarantine for the most part, I was worried about transferring because you truly never know what the fish may be carrying that you cannot see, even if they are from reputable sources. I was more excited than nervous however, and the transfer has been a success so far.

I was delayed with bringing the new fish over because before I did, I changed a massive amount of water on the 125 gallon main tank. When changing the water I noticed that there were these little white free swimming worms in my water. It seems that they have been there for quite sometime because there were hundreds…probably even thousands. After a brief heart attack, I did my research and found that these were detritus worms.

I was super relieved to find that these are non-threatening and are mostly a product of overfeeding or through a carrier such as plants, snails rocks etc. you can find more about detritus worms here. I know I do not over feed so I am chalking this one up to my apple snails bringing them in. from what I read they live in the substrate of your aquarium and feed on excess food and waste. Basically they are the earthworm of your tank and can be beneficial in small numbers, but they reproduce fast and too many can suck the oxygen levels out of your tank. Regardless if they are harmful or not I was not happy with them especially how many there were so I treated the tank with prazipro- after removing the snails and African claw frog first of course. After a few days the numbers dropped dramatically and I was able to do a 90% water change. I held off on introducing the new fish and I recently bought aquarium substrate and live plants-which I held off using until the first round of treatment was over.

Yesterday I was finally able to get my main tank taken care of! I added the newbies, carib sea Tahitian moon sand, and my live anubias plants I received off Amazon. -Just wanted to say the plants were in perfect condition! I ordered 5, and they were all lush, large and there were two rhizomes intermingled in one planter basket, which means instead of ordering only 5 plants, I technically ordered 10 and paid for 5. I would seriously recommend ordering from the link above, I was pleasantly surprised!  I also performed a 90% water change and added two spawning mops to influence breeding, so for now we wait to see what comes of it. I’m hoping for a new batch of fry soon so I can grow them out and sell them to butterfly lovers across America.


I also received a brand new computer for Christmas from my hubby and downloaded a good editing software program. I captured a video of the whole process-from draining the water, to adding the sand and plants, and ending it with some nice footage of my fish…just being fish! I am currently on the last stage of editing and should have the video up to my YouTube channel by tomorrow or Saturday. I am almost done 🙂

Also-If you haven’t already please subscribe via email to my blog to be entered in a chance to win some great prizes(which you can see in my previous blog)! You can find the subscribe via email button on my homepage. I have a few followers already, but to make it fair for everyone so I won’t be drawing names until I have at least 10 or so followers. I hope you all have a great New Years and I’ll see you soon!



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