A subscriber giveaway?! Look at these nice prizes!

Hi everyone! If you haven’t seen my various posts on other sites, you’ve come to the right place. It’s the holiday season and I’m feeling grateful this year..

for every subscriber to my blog (through email), I will put your name into a raffle for a drawing on a nice goldfish giftbasket-by yours truly 😉

I know what you’re thinking “oh, she’s just going to throw some fish food and water conditioner into a box and ship it”- Wrong!

I really need your help getting my site off the ground and helping spread the news that baby butterflies are coming soon and to catch a glimpse at my blog! To show my undying appreciation for you taking time out of your day to subscribe to my post, I wanted to give back.

The winner of the gift basket will take home..

These items are a very good deal considering the cost, and I hope you are as excited as I am to see if you are the winner.

Here’s how it works, you MUST subscribe to my blog posts via email sign up, this way you get an email when I make a new blog post and you can come back to see what’s new. (No spam or unsolicited mail will be directed to you). You can find the “follow via email widget at the bottom of my homepage.”

Second, If you’d like a double entry to my give away, please also follow my individual page. This will automatically give you two entries for the contest AS well as first dibs on a fish of your choice (before anyone else)-from my first batch of fry-which should be here early spring

I hope you truly enjoy what you see and keep coming back for new updates and exciting contests as well as purchase one of my babies from me as soon as they are available.

Thanks so much for the support!

See you soon!





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