A new Christmas painting from my sister/ pictures and official hello from my main tank butterflies.

Hi everyone!

Welcome back 🙂 I wanted to write this post to give a shout out to my sister. She made me an abstract painting of a butterfly telescope goldfish for Christmas and I am absolutely in love with it. It’s super cute and almost cartoon like!


A lot of hard work and time went into this and that’s what makes it even more beautiful! My favorite gifts to get are the ones that are homemade with a lot of love put into it. I immediately hung this up in my living room right above my t.v. It’s a good conversation piece. She likes to paint and draw in her free time and she’s very good at it. I also love to paint, but I haven’t picked up the brush in a while, this definitely gave me the inspiration to do so, as well as Bob Ross now on Netflix!

I wanted to also share my babies from the main tank also, since a few of you told me that I need more fish pictures up- and who could argue with that?! So I wanted to officially introduce my three babies that currently reside in my 125 gallon tank in my living room.

First there is Otis..


Otis is my favorite! He has the most quirky personality and the white patch on his forehead is super cute. I bought him and Lucy from my LFS at the same time.  They were just little babies… well not too little, they were young juveniles at the time.  Eiher way I fell in love with him. He is a very spunky fish and he’s probably less than a year old still..maybe a year old by now, honestly it’s hard to say when you buy from your LFS.

I totally trust the quality of the fish that came from my LFS, they always take the best care of their fish and really put their fish health above anything else. Which is extremely hard to come by now a days especially when profits are in the mix.

The next little girl is Lucy..


Like I said above, I bought Lucy and Otis together from the LFS in my area. when I first bought her she had black markings on her fins and her body was all orange. Over the course of this past year she has changed color pretty dramatically- I almost forgot she had black markings until I stumbled across a picture I took of her earlier this year. I’ll have to find it again and post before and after photos. As you can see, she has completely lost her black and it has been replaced with white, she also has a big white spot on her side now too. Her body was completely orange, so I’m excited to see what she is going to become throughout time.

The last fish in my main tank is one I got from Dandy Orandas, her name is Betty White.


The name as you can see, does not disappoint. She is my biggest butterfly and when I bought her from Ken he told me she was massive. I can’t fit her into my hand! She does have floating issues, when I first got her from Dandy she had a “tipping” problem. Basically she would rest on her chin-tail up. She was clumsy when I got her and I think that has always been her, but recently she started swimming and floating upside down occasionally. I knew what she was when I bought her and I am in no way throwing blame and Ken or anyone. I wanted her because I had a soft spot for her, and she was gorgeous! She had two crescent black marks on her eyes which have now turned orange (see below picture) -product of Dandy Orandas.


Not much change to note on her, but some to say the least. I want to let everyone know who is planning on purchasing fry from me, that she will not be included in breeding. I do not want to risk her passing any of her issues down the offspring. She will be separately housed until breeding is over. I basically took her in to give her a nice place to relax and enjoy the rest of her years (how ever many that may be). She doesn’t appear to be in pain or suffering, just minor inconveniences so for now she lives-until I see that she cannot function on a day-to-day basis.

So there you have it, some pictures of my main tank babies. Otis and Lucy will be used in future breeding plans and I have confidence that they will produce healthy/beautiful fry.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a good day!

See you soon,






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