A little accident in the quarantine tub/ New solid gold merch!

Hi everyone!

Happy Tuesday! Today I spent the majority of the morning taking care of my quarantine tubs. I did a 90% water change  on both the dandy Orandas tub and the water pigs tub. Everything was going fine until I noticed the little orange metallic was stuck to the filter! I have no idea how long she was like that, I’m assuming since last night. When I pulled her off, she was still alive but starting to turn on her side -I immediately took her out and put her in a small container to look her over. I thought she was dying, but she actually came back to me and was just swimming around as normal (as one could be). Her fin on the right side is a little torn up and her right side looks a little morphed, but she’s in good spirits so I have been and will continue to keep an eye on her. It’s weird because I have a sponge filter as well as a 30 gallon HOB filter going in that tank since they both arrived last Monday and nothing has happened. But since this incident I have removed the filter and have only the sponge filter going. I have been checking on her periodically and she is swimming about and eating so those are good signs. Accidents like these can happen, and luckily I was there in time to save her and learn from this. They are both still very small (about 1 inch) so I think I may have underestimated the power of the filter compared to the size of the fish..

So since this happened, I decided not to do the first treatment of Prazipro on these guys. I instead used it on the Dandy fish who were scheduled for it. I usually hold off on treatment for the first week or so to not add anymore stress to the fish. Some people choose to treat the tank right away, and there’s really no wrong answer with this, it’s all about preference and for me, this way seems to work. I will start treating the Water Pigs tank when I feel the little baby is up for it.

So on to something a little more positive..

I received my Solid Gold Aquatics merch today! If anyone knows me they know I’m such a big fan of Jennie and what she does for the fish community! It’s so good to see a fellow fish keeper helping people with accurate and sincere knowledge. I recommend watching her YouTube channel if you are looking for help with anything you need-she has a vast array of videos to choose from. So back to the merch- I preordered her 2018 solid gold calendar and I am not disappointed! E8E3C9A7-4DC6-448E-9ACB-7E48F46A80AAThe calendar is beautifully put together and the pictures are fantastic! If you put your name and birthday in the notes section when checking out,  she will personally write you a birthday note on your day block for that month6BDE7914-FC6E-4D9F-B64A-E55FFC503FBCTotally fan girling right now! I think it’s so sweet of her to really be involved and interactive with her fans. You do not see people continue to do that a lot once they hit a certain amount of subscribers, so the fact that she is still the same Jennie we all know and love is great. Along with the calendar I also ordered a solid gold long sleeve shirt.

The shirt is so soft! I think I bought the Bella women’s long and flowy shirt. It’s lightweight and it’s perfect in every way! I would also highly recommend any apparel from her site, I think it took 3 to 4 days to print and then standard 5-7 days for shipping. The only thing that stuck out to me is that the shirt smelled like vinegar pretty strong, but it could also be because of the prints being added or something. I’m not sure if it was just for this particular shirt or if they all have tis smell. I’m sure it will come out when I wash it-which I intend on doing before I wear it.

Anyways, here’s to some luck on getting my fish back to her normal health and some new things to come on my page. I received a message today from a lady who is from the goldfish keepers community asking for more pictures of my fish on my page. I LOVE this kind of feedback and really appreciate her letting me know what she would like to see on my page. After all it is YOU guys who have to read through it! Lol. So please if you have any suggestions/comments/ or things you’d like to see more of please contact me through the contact section (under the menu tab) of my homepage as well as the links to my FB and IG which are also located on my homepage.

thanks for your support!

see you soon.




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