Weekend Fish Chores and Goldfish Ornaments

Hi again everyone!

I hope everyone’s weekend was good! I am working overtime again this week, Christmas is an expensive time of the year as we all know.

This weekend I worked on giving my main tank a good scrubbing and water change. I usually do water changes on my main tank every 4-5 days, but I waited 7 this time because the water temp is low-around 60-65 degrees F, so the tank doesn’t accumulate as much waste as it does when the temps are higher because the fish’s metabolisms are moving at a higher rate. My main tank is a 125g, and it houses three butterflies and one African claw frog that’s fairly small. So i drained the water about 90% and added some prime, Dr. Tim’s first defense and some aquarium salt to the existing water and then filled it back up. I like the Dr. Tim’s because its a good immune booster and it helps protect the fish’s slime coat and gives them vitamins in the process. It’s a good preventative to add in during water changes to help the fish to be at it’s strongest in the event of a disease getting through your system or whatever else may happen. Dr. Tim’s also helps with lowering stress during water changes or after shipping. I use it on my fish that I receive through the mail and it really helps them perk back up a bit after a long overnight trip. The only thing I’m not a fan of with Dr. Tim’s is the smell, but other than that it’s good for my fish so I can deal with it. If you want to check it out for yourself feel free with this link.

So on top of that I have still been taking care and close eye on my new babies from both Dandy Orandas and Water Pigs USA. Both are doing great and acclimating very well. I have the three from Dandy’s in a 50 gallon tub. The two babies I received from Water Pigs are in a 30 gallon tub. I have been changing the water every other day-every day and their water temp has been a solid 77-78 degrees F. Luckily there’s nothing new to report, which is always a good thing during quarantine-no news is good news. I dusted my gopro off and took it off the shelf. I got some really nice video footage of them eating and just swimming about that I would like to edit and put up for you guys. I bought this adobe editing software, which has Photoshop included in the package and I can’t seem to get it to load on my computer. So for now I have uncut and unedited video that’s just waiting for me to get into lol.

I also put up my silicone Christmas ornaments I bought from dandy orandas when I bought my three fish. They are so adorable! They’re bigger than I thought, about 3-4 inches maybe? They are originally just figurines, but Ken poked a hole in all of the dorsal fins so you can put the hook-or in my case, the fishing line through and hang them from your tree.



When you put them on the tree they just look so cute! Like little floating goldfish. I love that the collection comes with more Telescopes than any other fish. So I was happy, but If your a fan of orandas/ryukins you’ll also love this collection. The best part is after you’re done with Christmas you can take the string out and use them as desktop figures. So they’re pretty uniform for the whole year. I was thinking when Christmas is over of putting one on my rearview mirror so I can have one everywhere I go! These are very quality made and there is a lot of attention to detail on these. I recommend them to anyone looking to add somethings to their goldfish collections. Dandy Orandas has them and they are usually posted on the auction page(s) Friday-Sunday. Get them while there hot because they are going quick and Ken only has a limited supply! Here’s some more photos of them on the Christmas tree, Have a great week guys and I’ll talk to you soon:)




Here they are! All pretty on the tree.

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