More New fish?! Dandy Orandas shipment

Today is the day! As some of you may know if you read my featured page, I am trying to acquire a good selection of breeders so I can begin the process of raising beautiful fry. To do this, I needed to revamp my stock. I recently had gotten a little side tracked and ended up with a black moor that I had had for a while and a baby oranda. Although I did love them, if I was going to get serious about breeding I needed to weed out the ones that were not going to help the process. So with this being said I brought the oranda and the moor to my LFS to make room for new stock. After this I was left with my three butterfly telescope goldfish-two of which I was only planning to use for breeding. My rather large white BT has a bit of floating issues. She’s older and I didn’t want to run the risk of producing offspring with the same issues so she was out. My two younger BT’s (Charlie and Lucy) were ready for this process, so I have been prepping them by lowering the temperature of the tank a little each day to simulate “winter” so that they would fall into a dormancy state. Once the quarantine process is almost over for the new Dandy Oranda fish -which should be about 3-4 weeks, I will then begin to increase the temperature little by little again and begin feeding a mixture of proteins. This should help simulate spring for them and encourage breeding behavior such as chasing. So HOPEFULLY, if everything goes according to plan I will introduce them to the tank, throw in some spawning mops and hope for the best.

So back to Dandy Oranda fish, I went on the website this past Sunday after I remembered Ken -the owner of Dandy Orandas said his auctions would be returning in December. To my surprise I found this beautiful chocolate/lavender BT that I needed to have. I didn’t even bid on him I just bought him because I didn’t want someone else to snatch him up. Other than his tail spread, he was perfect. -It’s not a bad tail spread, it’s just smaller than I would like. The second one was only 60 bucks and no one else had bid on him. He was white with chocolate lavender fins and his eyes were also this lavender color, he wasn’t the most beautiful, but he had very good potential because his lavender was beginning to fade and behind it looked like it was turning orange/red. I could see that this was going to be a good color pattern turn out on top of him being a good looking healthy fish so I bid on him and won. The third fish was a really gorgeous calico! If anyone knows me they know I have been wanting a calico for quite sometime but haven’t pulled the trigger because I really couldn’t find a reputable breeder that either had them in stock or was not selling the best or healthiest fish. A lot of people are surprised to see how much a fancy goldfish can go for, and yes while it does get expensive you have to understand that you are getting what you pay for, quality. It is so easy to get cheap fish from somewhere and have them die a few days, even months later because they were mass produced for their “looks” rather than their overall health. It’s very sad but knowing the difference and finding a good quality fish should always be your first requirement-even over color pattern. Which is sometimes hard because like everyone else we become mesmerized by the beauty of a fish. Even I’ve fallen victim to that before and like I said above, my fish died 24 hrs after receiving them, BOTH TIMES. but that’s a story for a different day 😉

So anyways, back to the original topic..

The three fish are coming today and I’m at work counting the hours down until I can get them. I will be posting a video of new fish to my YouTube channel later on and will provide the ling in this blog post. Please check it out when you can and feel free to subscribe to my page.

See you soon!




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