Tubular Telescopes has arrived! If you’re like me, then you are absolutely obsessed with butterfly telescope goldfish, or animals in general. I made this site to hopefully bring you several things..

One, a wonderful daily/weekly dose of animals of all kinds that I own or acquire through time.

Two, a one on one personal experience following my journey with butterflies and along the way we all learn something new, or what not to do. I want a perfectly candid and real way to connect you an I both with what to do/not to do and overall how to become a better goldfish keeper. I sometimes feel like people on certain sites or forums try to appear as if they have all of the answers there ever was about goldfish. Some of them are actually extremely knowledgeable through years of trial and error. That’s where I am going, and that’s where I want you all to end up also. We can do this together 🙂 no one has all of the answers, its always a continuous cycle of learning.

Three, I know a lot of places designed for discussions can end up reflecting negatively towards first timer mistakes. There is a lot of judgement thrown around and also in the same aspect a lot of information that can really confuse and overwhelm new goldfish keepers. The reality is, yes there are certain things goldfish do need that are outside of other species of fish..but it doesn’t have to be so complicated. I hope to help with those things by offering a non-judgement, totally supportive atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong though, continue to use those forums and videos on YouTube, a lot of them have so much good information that really can make a difference.

And lastly, My goal for the new year is to break out in the breeding business. I would love to have a site dedicated to just selling butterfly telescope goldfish. I want to perfect the butterfly, but also, to create the most healthy, hardy fish I can. To bring quality to the telescopes that you just can’t find at pet stores. I hope you’ll stick with me to watch my big plans unfold!

So, now that I laid it all out there for you, I hope you’ll really enjoy this page and I hope you get a lot of use out of it. We can always strive to improve the lives of our finned friends. Thanks for supporting me.


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